Friday, September 08, 2006

1937: Dallas Blondes go on strike

In 1937, there was a Pan-American Exposition in Dallas, Texas. Word got out that only brunette "latin american types" would be hired as "Texanitas" (hostesses), causing 16 year old Helen Ramsey to storm city hall with a handful of other blondes who claimed that blondes and redheads were being discriminated against.

They staged a sit-in at the Dallas mayor's office, which ended up lasting a little longer than anyone had planned since the Exposition Director was out of town and was not available to resolve the situation.

Theirs became a popular cause, with local hotel owners and restauranteurs bringing in bedding and food for the girls. A Dallas substitute teacher signed on as their chaperone.

Eventually the strike was settled when the young ladies were assured that blondes and redheads would have equal employment opportunities at the Exposition.

Reference: Dallas Historical Society


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